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Divorce Counseling
& Family Mediation

By choosing to participate in Divorce Counseling or Family Mediation services, you and your family will remain the focus using a collaborative model rather than a divide and conquer “winner-take-all” model.

What you can expect: Family centered control through collaborative mediation

  • Mediation allows YOU to control the entire process and all decisions
  • Mediation is tailored to your unique family dynamics and for you and your family; not what a Judge would order
  • Mediation provides alternatives to minimize the financial impact of the divorce
  • Mediation creates a framework for healthy person-centered heart-felt communications
  • Mediation provide support through the change and grief processes
  • Mediation provides coherent and concise guidelines for the decisions you will make
  • Mediation provides support from start to finish
  • Mediation provides detailed worksheets to organize your property and finance
  • Mediation explains Child Support and Spousal Maintenance
  • Mediation provides you with the necessary legal and financial information to reach acceptable agreement
  • Mediation helps guide you with  creating a family-centered workable parenting plan for your children
  • Mediation walks you through court processes once the Divorce Settlement Agreement has been developed.
  • Mediation avoids the high legal costs typical of the average divorce
  • Mediation is less stressful and is less costly
  • Mediation is “Pay-As-You-Go rather than a coming up with a large retainer and an unknown financial outcome
  • Mediation  is less stressful and is stabilizing for you and your family
  • Mediation is low affordable rates, No Hidden Fees, No Deposits, No Retainers

Document Preparation Services

Life in Balance Divorce Counseling and Family Mediation process prepares, completes the appropriate paperwork needed for a legal separation or divorce.

Financial Guidance

Life in Balance Divorce Counseling and Family Mediation includes guidance from start to finish with  tools and resources you need to determine your family’s financial future.  We provide concise worksheets which will help organize the family financial information and property & assets.

Life in Balance Divorce Counseling and Family Mediation will assist you in developing a financial plan to try to result in both of you remaining as financially stable and whole as possible in your unique circumstances.  Most couples considering divorce who choose mediation obtain emotional comfort in knowing that they preserve their control over the future of their family, especially in terms of family financial outcomes.  They prefer to work together to create alternative solutions that will be more financially beneficial to each. Spousal maintenance (alimony) issues will be explained and discussed. The entire process will help you negotiate workable arrangements so that both of your financial goals can be reasonably met.

Family Support and Resources

Many people choose mediation because they want to create a happier and healthier future for their family. Life in Balance Family & Divorce Mediation process goes beyond the legal and paperwork aspects of a divorce to support you and your family with the difficult everyday emotional process. Many parents are faced with challenging questions: “What do I tell my kids? How do I communicate with my ex? How do we still raise our children together?”

Life in Balance Divorce Counseling and Family Mediation is here to provide you with the emotional support and resources to help you take control of your family’s future.  We are trained in counseling psychology, family-centered psychology as well as conflict resolution psychology, therefore, we are the natural solution professionals to provide the most amicable, uncontested Divorce Settlement Agreement which stands the test of time and family growth and milestones.

Divorce Counseling
Divorce Counseling
Christian Divorce Counselors

Strengthening Families

Let us help you find new ways to reconnect with each other on multiple levels.

Mediation Sessions

The Life in Balance Family & Divorce Mediation process are face to face meetings with a professional divorce mediator.  We aim:

  • to answer any questions,
  • to provide assistance to both parties,
  • and to determine the appropriate path while developing strategies and solutions rather than fear and uncertainty using a family centered process
  • aim to strengthen the family during times of change by utilizing principles that support and promote strengths of the value of each family member
  • to provide a streamlined process
  • to provide services where you will receive the benefit of professional skilled in Family Systems Psychology and Conflict Resolution Psychology

Divorce Settlement Agreement Services

Life in Balance Family & Divorce Mediation process works with both parties to develop a Divorce Settlement Agreement to be accepted by the court.   This agreement establishes:

  • mutually agreed-upon terms and conditions for your divorce or separation.
  • covers all aspects that need to be addressed when two people are transitioning to separate lives including,
  • include but is not limited to
    • child custody,
    • property division,
    • asset/debt division and management,
    • parenting decision-making,
    • court processes
    • and spousal maintenance.

As you move through the mediation process, you will be provided with step-by step guidance to help both parties arrive at solutions that protect you and your family.  Life in Balance Family & Divorce Mediation will make sure that your Divorce Settlement Agreement is comprehensive, workable, legally enforceable.

This is the most important divorce document you will create.  Therefore, it is crucial that each party put significant thought into the current, short term and long term wishes, preferences and family centered goals.  We will be there to help guide each party to a fair and  workable solution in the Divorce Mediation Agreement supporting the course of the family’s life cycle, stages of development and special milestones important to the family.

Customized financial and property division provision solutions will be created to promote financial continuity and family stability. If you have minor children, Life in Balance Mediation will help you develop a detailed Parenting Plan. The Plan will be:

  • based on quality time with your children,
  • focusing on what is in your children’s best interest,
  • and the best arrangement for your family.

The Life in Balance Family & Divorce Mediation process has been developed so that your family will not only survive but can thrive after divorce.

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