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Meet our
clinical director

President & Clinical Director

Individual Therapy:
Child / Adolescent / Adult / Senior / Family

Comprehensive Specialization in Alcohol
& Substance Abuse – Counseling Individual & Family

Counseling Therapy and Medical Social Work

Healthcare Consultant – Hospital and Nursing Home

Educator, Public Speaker and Advocate

Certified Divorce & Family Mediator
– Third Party Independent for Divorce and Custody Agreements

Education – Bachelors of Science
– Psychology and Neuroscience

Mrs. Nielsen is a graduate of Loyola University where she received her Bachelors of Science in Psychology-Neuroscience. She also pursued an inter-disciplinary minor which emphasized the human condition through the lens of multiple disciplines to include the wishes and needs of the client’s own preference. The goals of this program were to create an environment where all providers worked holistically together to achieve a common purpose of excellence in patient and person-centered care and quality of life outcomes. She won the John Grant Scholarship for excellence with her contributions in the healthcare field of medical ethics. She also pursued another inter-disciplinary minor in moral and ethical philosophy-medical ethics.

Masters Prepared Clinical and Medical Social Worker

She went on to get her Master’s in Social Work from Loyola University, Chicago School of Social Work. Her two-year internships were at Chicago’s leading medical schools and hospitals. At Rush University Medical Center, and Loyola University Medical Center.

End of Life of Care – Family Centered Care – Advocate

She has trained to sit and work with end of life care, health-related and other hospital panels with issues which require multiple disciplines, family members and diverse health systems to work together to find the best solution and to help emphasize the voice and wishes of the family and patient as difficult decisions are made.

Medical Social Worker – Pain – Dialysis and Heart, Lung, Liver, Kidney, Pancreas and Stem Cell Transplant
– Polycystic Ovarian & Metabolic Syndrome – Oncology and Complex Addictions

She trained to be both a medical social worker and a geriatric social worker. She worked with individuals both with chronic and acute health conditions. She worked part of inter-disciplinary care teams both in dialysis and organ transplant. She also worked to enhance case management strategies, individual, group and family therapies for those with addictions, mental health conditions and seniors who need an added level of skill for assessment and intervention for those with Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia.

Certified Illinois and Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Professionals Certification Association International Level – CRADC

Upon graduation she continued to work and gain added credentials and certifications. She has become an IAODAPCA certified CRADC which is the international level of acceptance certification for Alcohol and other Drug Abuse Professional. She also has certifications as a Substance Abuse Expert for the Department of Transportation and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Certified Family & Divorce Mediator

She obtained certification after continued education to be able to help families create opportunities as there are often changes in relationship status and/or blending of families which may include divorce, separation, parenting agreements and financial issues.  The mandatory arbitration required by courts can be done in the privacy of her office with a knowledgeable counselor and mediator.  The finished product is not only a solid document for the courts but a family centered agreement where all parties feel heard.  The document also places emphasis on the best interest of the children and all parties have a safe and secure place to create a holistic and loving-living document

Natural and Holistic Person Centered Care
– All Stages of Life – Music – Movement and Relaxation

She continued with her passions creating holistic programs which speak to the natural spirit and the soul of clients who are seniors form ages 3 to 103. She has created a music and movement and a meditation-relaxation program where assessment and intervention is in an ongoing nature while infusing music which is known for being the universal language of communication and healing.

Advocacy and Consultation in Hospitals
and Long Term Residential Programs

Her passion for working with individuals who struggle with serious mental health issues and addictions comes from programs which she created for long-term residential care. She believes that person-centered care fused with programs which enhance the human spirit allow people– regardless of physical, emotional and mental health issues– to access their highest self so that quality of life is achieved and goes forth to prosper while she and others work to put in additional supports where necessary so that success and achievement is standard and the norm.

Care across the Lifespan
– Working with Entire Constellation of the Family

She is one of the few social workers who can span the spectrum of care working very well with toddlers as young as the three on through children, adolescence, adulthood and seniors. She pulls from an eclectic base of theories and practices while interweaving music and movement, colors and sounds as well as nature to heal and comfort those whom have had a long road of pain, discomfort or trauma. She is certified as a Dialectic Behavioral Therapist. She has much success with those with PTSD, chronic pain disorders, chronic health conditions and serious mental health issues as depression, bipolar depression and schizophrenia.

Two Practice Locations & Care for the Aged and Disabled Homebound

She is the president of her two practice locations in Westmont and Bourbonnais, Illinois. She is a member of the National Association of Social Work. She is also a member of the Kankakee County Chamber of Commerce.

She currently also works in several long term residential communities bringing her clinical assessment and programs for the senior client. She does make home visits for the disabled or home bound client in the Bradley/Bourbonnais and Kankakee area.

She is double boarded in the State of Illinois and Indiana as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

She welcomes all comments. She makes herself available for public speaking engagements and for hospital-based, long-term care and residential consultation and assessment. She has continued to work within an interdisciplinary model of care with physicians and nurses and other case management social workers.

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Just To Know You – Love is at the Heart of All We Do

When we change the way we look at the world, we can find happiness as we explore the intricate and fascinating beauty in us and all around us. You will begin to notice your own relationship to the universe and your fellow man. When this is accomplished and when you mindfully tune into this energy of life, you will experience peace, love, and a renewed sense of purpose in life.
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